No Line Watercoloring with Mama Elephant and The Ton

If you are like me you have seen some beautiful cards done with a technique called "no line coloring."  This technique basically involves stamping the image with a very light ink, and then coloring it until you blend the lines to make it look like there are not any lines on the finished piece.  Sounds easy enough...and if you watch the many talented artists on YouTube, you might even think to yourself "I can do this."

So, I was feeling brave and decided I could try this.  Let me tell you, it's NOT easy.  However, it is very relaxing and fun.  And I think with time and lots of practice, you can do a passable job.

My first card was done with a stamp I purchased at my LSS, called "Organic Blooms" from Mama Elephant.  It's a beautiful lined stamp bouquet.  I snapped this image shortly after I began.
  You can see I had used a very pale ink to stamp my image.  I stamped on watercolor paper, using Altenew crisp ink to stamp the image.  And I used distress inks to color my piece.  I was very careful to not color areas that were touching and to wait until they were dry to bring in water.

This is after the entire image was colored.  I added some more blending and details before the card was completed.

I don't think by any means I am now an expert on this technique.  In fact, it is very challenging, but also SO relaxing.  I encourage you to try it.  I had so much fun, I made a second card.  The second cards was using the Ton Loose Peonies stamps.  And quite frankly, this was a practice piece I made on the back of a scrap piece of watercolor paper (that had other stuff on the other side, LOL) and I decided to cut it out and use it, even though I know it is very amateurish.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog post today!



I've Moved!

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